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    Consider this an attempt at providing a space where the old Mafia players from PerC can sit and reminisce over old games.
    In the future we could probably include an archive of old Old games if there's no place for them elsewhere in the forum.
    I miss my old game ideas...

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    That would be good.I was looking over some of the earlier ones. General Lee and his games. What a hoot.

    I recall some comments in qts. Like poor Poxy having too many tabs open and posting in the wrong QT. Liz had to modkill her because of game integrity.

    and in one of the death note games. I was Watari looking for Light, which was you L0ro? I think it was on night 2, that I found you and spent the rest of the game protecting


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    We can make references to ancient games the likes of which people can barely remember and/or have only heard of in stories! Le gasp~
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