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Hi, my name is Lucy and I am the guest blogger today. Glenda Gnome Starr fell into a patch of poison ivy. She's been whining and moaning and scratching with her front and back claws. I have to admit that, as cats go, she's kind of funny looking, and she doesn't bathe herself properly. It could be so because she's really just a gnome. She's outside in the garden all of the time, and she only bathes when she gets caught in a downpour. Since there's been somewhat of a drought, the gnome has been kind of bedgraggled. And her shoes. When she wears them. She doesn't need them in the garden but, sometimes, she goes incognito and pretends to be an actual human. She puts these shoes on her feet when it's not full of cat.

So I'm going to talk about the things that are important to me. My litter box. My food. It's a human's job to guess as to my favorite food. Every day, that human has to guess. She gets hints. Like when I walk away, holding my tail high in the air. A cat has to maintain her dignity. Oh, but wait a second. My human isn't a human. She's a garden gnome. So who takes care of my litter box and my food and my water? Oh, the gnome/human. Okay, enough of that. I need to go to the window and make noises at the birds going to the bird feeder.

Ciao, bella.